The story…

… Begins with passion, experience and a guy named Stefan Bodin. Years ago he went to the U.S East Coast, just an hour or so from NYC, to work and to have some fun. During his time on the other side of the pond, Stefan lived with an American family. Ron, the father, told him amazing stories about his greatest passion, surfing.


“We traveled to a lot of wonderful places that year, just for surfing. My favorite was the Caribbean. Beautiful beaches and fantastic waves!” Stefan says.

Back in Sweden, Stefan decided to do another trip but this time to Bali and Australia. Three months in the sun and with as much surfing as possible. Thoughts of Dinavien were born near the end of the vacation.

a boardlife

The best way to evolve as a boarding company is to live it. In the beginning of 2005 Stefan decided to start a company called Boardlife in his garage. Today Boardlife is Swedens most versatile longboard store. The garage is replaced with a 200 square meter shop (A6 Shopping Center in Jönköping).

Dinavien Longboards

Finally, in the fall of 2011, it was time for the next step. The brand was named Dinavien after the swedish word for Scandinavia (Skandinavien).

Dinavien Longboard stands for quality, passion and pure lifestyle. The boards are manufactured in California, U.S, and printed in Sweden. It’s made by people who knows exactly what we’re talking about. We think it’s the only way to get the quality and greatness that we want. The first board is a result of long hard work, and of course a whole lot of experience. And, we made it. We call her The Shovit. It’s simple, clean and with beautiful shapes – in other words, reflections of Scandinavia.