Here’s some text and numbers to help you out if you want to get in touch. Give us a shout, no matter what.

Dinavien Longboards
Bergstigen 6
564 32 Bankeryd

+46 (0)36 – 777 94 94

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Distribution of our products is managed by AR-Agency AB. Give us a call or a mail.

AR-Agency AB
Alexander Alex Reinholdsson
+46 (0)73 - 833 88 08


This is our friends that helps us out with different things in life. The reason why we say life is simply because Dinavien Longboards is life to us.

Team riders
Johan Gustavsson
Rasmus Stegemyr

Graphic Design & Photography
Alexander Draschnar, Avtramp

Avtramp Reklambyrå

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We like to be around and there is a lot of places you'll find us at. As of now, we're rolling at these places listed below.

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