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Get equipped for the trip. Looking for a Scandinavian type of board? Or maybe some gloves for sliding? Come on, don't be afraid. Scroll down to learn more.

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Let's Shovit

Introducing the pioneer, our first board. Made only by the best components to get your boarding to the highest level. Enjoy smooth carves or rapid slides. It's a board with a lot of potential.
We call her The Shovit.

the deck

The deck is made by seven layers of Canadian maple. It has a medium flex which makes the board soft for cruising. The Shovit is concave with cutouts. The dropthrough makes the board more stable at higher speeds and easier to slide.

  • Length: 38in (96.52cm)
  • Width: 8.5 in = (21.59cm)
  • Wheelbase: 29in = (73.66cm)
  • Construction: 7 layers, maple
  • The looks

    With a slick and minimalistic design we want to illustrate the passion running through your veins. Like something organic growing on the inside. All of you who skate probably already know this feeling. For you who don't - you should try it!

    Thanks to the clean design your board will look awesome with some colorful wheels from Orangutang or some other fancy stuff.

    The slide

    Dinavien Sliding Gloves make you keep close contact to the ground at any time. Expand your boarding experience with some slides. Pucks for fingers, palm and thumb placed with velcro. And by the way, they provide good protection against faceplants or shearing the skin of your hands!