Love it - Shovit

Dinavien Longboards proudly presents our first board - The Shovit. Elegant, genuine, bold and a bit cocky. A set of features that will take your boarding to a new level.

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Dinavien Longboards was launched in the summer of 2011 and has its roots in a Swedish county named Småland (which means Small land, directly translated to English). The brand was created to share the Scandinavian way of longboarding. We believe that there isn't much that separate longboarders around the globe. In fact, they share a lot more than one might think. A true sense of passion and ultimate freedom are things they keep in common.

some setup

A complete Shovit or just the deck? You may choose what ever you prefer. But if we were to be asked? Here’s an example:

  • Trucks: Paris 180mm
  • Wheels: Orangutang Stimulus 70mm 80/83/86a
  • Bushings: Divine Bushings
  • Bearings: Bones Reds

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    Have a look

    A glance at our first official video, unfortunately it's only in Swedish. But still, feel free to enjoy the pictures.

    At our Facebook page you can find some more videos and photos published by our fans. If you want more, just go there.